What is Patafour?

Patafour in short

Patafour is a fan made 4th installment of the Patapon series, placed in an alternate sequel to Patapon 2.

More into the story

After defeating Dettankarmen, Patapons along with Karmens and Zigotons, started rebuilding the Pata-pole Bridge above the seas to the unknown lands. On the other end of the bridge, after deep explorations, they found ruins of a mystery civilization. Among the ruins, a strange device shined into the eyes of curious Patapons.
Patapons wanted to find IT even if it was about to cost their lives, so the strange machine was powered on, in hopes to guide their way to Earthend. Nothing happened at first; curious eyeballs started looking more into the machine, only to find input for time and date, and an activate button.
Meden was afraid of what the device might bring upon, however Hatapon insisted that this is the only way to find IT. Three superior Yaripons, a Hero and Hatapon risked their life together, activating the machine, which transported them centuries back to the golden age of Ancient Patapons.
If they only knew what the ancient machine was about to bring to their world...