Patafour Launcher (recommended)

Patafour Launcher will automatically keep your game up to date, inform you about new versions and allow access to online features!
Download for launcher has been temporarily disabled due to some issues. Please use the other option to download the game. :(

Important! Some antiviruses can classify Patafour files as malware, due to the files being freshly made, not used frequently and without a certificate (that costs a ton). It is called a "false-positive". Patafour and it's components are 100% clean and open source.

Patafour standalone archive

Do you have troubles with installing the game via Patafour Launcher?
Download the latest standalone version of Patafour directly from our server.
Download V4Hero Client v1.1.3

Remember to extract the archive first!

Version history

v1.1.3 (22nd January 2020)
Things changed:
- Fixed game crash after tutorial mission
- Added Japanese language
- Updated translations

v1.1.2 (16th December 2020)
Things changed:
- Implemented Christmas event! It's going to take place every year, from 14th December to 14th January.
During this time, Patapolis is decorated with ornaments, presents and a snowman.
- Added one new mission available only during Christmas event with exclusive drops and entities.
- During christmas event, Kirajins will wear a new, droppable helmet!
- Added one spear and two new helmets.
- Added an exclusive Christmas 2020 item to collect and make your save data more unique!
- Added background music in Patapolis
- Implemented experimental weather system
- Added one new tip
- Updated translations
- Fixed minor bugs

v1.1.1 (27th October 2020)
Things fixed:
- Fixed a bug where clouds and dialogboxes overlapped each other
- Fixed a bug where you could open multiple dialogboxes
- Fixed a bug where screen fading would not completely fade in/fade away
- Fixed a bug where controls were usable during transition between parts of the game
- Fixed a bug where Kirajin would charge the player making them stuck forever
- Fixed a bug where a building would remain in it's untouched state after destroying it with just one hit
- Fixed a bug where translated text wouldn't appear in dialogboxes
- Fixed a bug where tips wouldn't display translated text correctly
- Fixed a bug where translated text wouldn't appear correctly in some options
- Fixed a bug where altar category text would appear corrupted
- Fixed a bug where chinese text would not wrap correctly, causing it to display invalid characters
- Fixed a memory corruption bug in world map
- Fixed a bug where clicking mouse during input control would break the options menu
- Replaced some of the unicode text in input tips during mission
- Fixed a bug where Mission complete/failed text would not appear in some languages
- Fixed a bug where defense would not apply to Hatapon
- Fixed a bug where units could clip into collidable entities

Things added:
- Mission files now have more control over item drops and entity spawns
- CHAKA PATA CHAKA PATA, use this command to move away from the enemies

v1.1 (30th September 2020)
- Massive code overhaul with many improvements, making the game playable

v1.0.3 (22nd January 2020)
- Added Fever worm!
- Added Hatapon!
- Implemented partial controller support (only on missions)
- Completely reworked the pre-fever system to match original Patapon feeling more.
- Reworked the language engine
- Massively upgraded the old animation format into brand new, smooth V4Anim animations

v1.0.2 (27th December 2019)
- Fixed massive lag spike when touching a Kacheek
- Fixed window resize bug
- Fixed barracks crashing on entrance (if the problem still persists, remove your save data in Patafour/game/resources/data/sv1.p4sv)
- Fixed camera controls being accessible outside of the game window
- Missions now load slightly faster

v1.0.1 (24th December 2019)
- Initial release!
- Fully working Launcher with ability to self update itself and update Patafour to the latest working version
- Basic main menu with Patapolis and Options
- Options menu to change graphics settings, resolution and language (graphics quality and language doesn't work yet!!)
- Early prototype of Patapolis! Check what we have in store and how it looks like.
- Early prototype of Barracks with ability to change Patapon's equipment. No display or effect yet.
- Early prototype of Altar, you can check what items you have in your inventory.
- Early prototype of Obelisk, select one of the Two missions available at the moment.
- Missions work properly! There is nothing to do there just yet.
- Missions end with an end pole, however you can use Escape key to exit out of them instantly.
- Patapon animations fully work, you can move around and beat those drums.
- Only PATA PATA PATA PON command is functional at the moment.
- Two brand new and official Patafour themes are used.
- You might spot Kacheeks on your way through the missions.